Payment and Fees


Course Credit Tuition
Registration Fee C$ 100.00 C$ 200.00
Each Course 1 Credit C$ 1,500.00
1 Semester 3 Credits C$ 4,500.00
2 Semesters 6 Credits C$ 9,000.00
3 Semesters 9 Credits C$ 13,500.00
4 Semesters 12 Credits C$ 18,000.00
Summer School (2 months) 2 Credits C$ 3,000.00
ESL (Adult Full Time: 1 month) Non-Credit C$ 1,700.00
ESL (Adult Full Time: 6 months) Non-Credit C$ 9,000.00
Extra teacher (additional) each course 2 : 1 C$ 2,000.00

Other Fees

Health Insurance (mandatory) C$ 584.00
Textbooks each (varies per course) C$ 100.00

Textbooks Purchase and Refund

All the students are required to purchase the necessary textbooks for each course. If the textbooks are returned to the School in good condition, at end of the course, the School will refund 60% of the value of the textbook (value when purchased) with receipt, 50% will be refunded if there is no receipt. If a book is returned late (ie. after another semester has passed), students may not be eligible for a refund.

The prices are subject to change without prior notice.


ADDRESS : 77 Finch Ave.West 3rd Floor, North York ON. Canada M2N 2H5
TEL: +1-416-590-7771
FAX: +1-416-590-7809

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