At St. George Academy High School, we offer a variety of programs that help you achieve your educational goals, whatever they may be.

We offer:

  • Secondary School Program
  • ESL program
  • Direct Admission/Credit Transfer Program with Trent University
  • Full-time day studies (up to three Ontario Secondary School Diploma credits a semester)
  • Part-time day studies


  • St. George counselors assist with university and college applications
  • St. George has links to many universities and colleges
  • 12 university preparation credits (TOEFL / IELTS may also be required for international students)


  • St. George Academy offers high school credits towards Ontario diploma requirements


  • Many of our students are enrolled full-time in another school and take one or two credits in our after-school program. They have found that large classes and overworked teachers in their home school cause their marks to suffer in their weaker subjects.
  • These students find that the concentrated teacher-student class time at St. George Academy allows them to achieve high marks, usually exceeding university standards.
  • Upon completion, these credits are then transferred to students’ transcripts at their home schools.


  • Semesters: September to November, November to January, February to April, April to June, Summer – July, Summer – August
  • Choose up to three credits each semester
  • Intensive study program allows you to complete 1.5 academic years in one year
  • You may apply for prior recognition and equivalency credits

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