ESL (Adult Non-Credit)

Program Overview:

St George Academy offers non-credit ESL classes for adults who do not need to complete an Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Upon registration, new students do an oral and written assessment test in order to be placed in an ESL class which corresponds to their level of English. Students who obtain 70% or higher over their 8 weeks of ESL classes will be able to move on to the next level. After passing Intermediate 3, students are entitled to apply for the diploma courses.


After completing the ESL program, students can enroll in the UCPP program.

UCPP is an intensive 12-week/300-hour university and college preparation program open to graduates of St George Academy Advanced ESL program. UCPP is designed for students planning to attend college in Toronto. This is an advanced level program and focuses on providing students with the skills necessary to succeed at the college level.

UCPP graduates will be recognized for having fulfilled the English requirement needed for entry into Canadian post-secondary institutions and will be thoroughly prepared for various academic challenges.