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Secondary School Program


Ontario Secondary School Diploma

18 + 12

A student entering grade 9 in the first years and  in subsequent years must earn a minimum of 30 credits

40 Hours
 of Volunteer Work

You need to complete a minimum of 40 hours of community involvement activities. This involves participating in unpaid activities that benefit the community.


Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test is an standardized test in order to get the Ontario Secondary School Diploma 

Compulsory Credits - General


4 credits

Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12


3 credits

Grade 9, Grade 10; and Grade 11 or Grade 12.


2 credits

Choose from general Science, Biology, Chemistry or Physics.

French or Foreign Languages

1 credit

French, Cantonese, Mandarin, or Korean.

Canadian Geography

1 credit

Geography of Canada or Geography Analysis.

Canadian History

1 credit

Canadian History since WWI, Canada: History, Identity and culture, or World History.

Health and Physical Education

1 credit


1/2 credit

Half credit required in Civics.


1 credit

General Arts, Media Arts, or Visual Arts.

Career Studies

1/2 credit

Grade 9.

Additional Credits - Group 1, 2, and 3

Within the 18 compulsory credits, students must complete one credit from each of the following groups:

Group 1

1 credit

English, Third Language, or Social Science and the Humanities Canadian and World studies.

Group 2

1 credit

Health and Physical Education, or Arts, Business Studies, or Corporate education.

Group 3

1 credit

Science (Gr. 11 or 12), Technological Education (Gr. 9-12) or Corporative Education.


Optional Credits

Students must complete successfully complete 12 optional (additional) credits from areas of interest and pathways. These credits will contribute to the 30 credit requirement for an OSSD. we offer a variety of 'Paths' which detail which 12 classes are necessary, and which are recommended for entering into a variety of programs in universities in Canada. Following these paths will ensure that university admission requirements are met.

Engineering Program in Ontario requires a great deal of dedication and hard work more so than many other programs. All Engineering programs require 5 core courses; English, Advanced Functions, Calculus, Chemistry and Physics, as well as the choice of 1 elective class. An average grade is taken from these order to achieve acceptance.

Core Courses:

  • ENG 4U (English)

  • MHF 4U (Advanced Functions)

  • MCV 4U (Calculus and Vectors)

  • SCH 4U (Chemistry)

  • SPH 4U (Physics)

Recommended Electives:

  • BBB 4M (International Business Fundamentals)

  • BAT 4M (Financial Accounting Principles)

  • MDM 4U (Data Management)

  • EWC 4U (Writer's Craft)


Volunteering 40 Community Hours

We offer our students more engaging community-involved events

To earn an Ontario Secondary School Diploma, students must complete 40 hours of community involvement. Volunteering benefits the community and aids in students' personal growth. St. George Academy provides diverse community activity opportunities to support students' moral development.

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