St. George Academy’s Goals & Philosophy

P Lyu 114

At St. George Academy, there is a strong emphasis on academic achievement and preparation for post-secondary education. Excellence in teaching is the cornerstone of St. George Academy. Our teachers are caring professionals who are committed to creating an atmosphere in which students can become independent learners, acquire skills for future employment, enjoy the pursuit of academic excellence and participate in extra-curricular activities. We feature small classes with a challenging, friendly environment, and our classroom work is supported by excellent facilities.

St. George Academy is a semestered school offering Academic courses in a wide range of subjects. Although our courses are challenging, our staff ensures that extra individual support and tutoring is available.

As a relatively small school, St. George Academy is a safe school where all students are known and cared for by staff. Our guidance counselors promote post-secondary academic planning for university and colleges, good study habits, provides career exploration and assists with goal setting for all students. St. George Academy provides small classes to ensure that all students receive a great deal of individualized teacher attention.

St. George Academy teachers uphold the highest academic standards while using current pedagogical methods, creating dynamic classrooms where cooperative and creative learning principles are employed.

In addition to our regular day school program, St. George Academy also provides an after school program for students to acquire one high school credit per semester while still attending another school full time. These students find that the concentrated teacher-student class time at St. George Academy allows them to achieve high grades for university entrance. Upon completion, these credits are then transferred to students’ transcripts at their home schools.

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